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How to Delete a Client’s Credit Card Information in AccessAlly

AccessAlly does NOT store your client’s credit card information on your website. However, you can delete a client’s credit card information by logging into your Stripe account and manually deleting the card.

How to Delete A Credit Card in Stripe

Part 1: Locate Customer’s Stripe ID

In your AccessAlly site, go to: AccessAlly > Sales > Payments. Here, you can use the search functions to locate an order from the client whose credit card you would like to delete.

Make sure the payment type is set to Credit Card (the other option is PayPal).

Screenshot of payments area

Then click the “Download these payments” button to get a spreadsheet that includes the Customer’s Stripe ID.

Screenshot of Download Payments button

Once the correct order is located, you can find the correct Stripe ID. This will help you find the customer in Stripe directly.

Screenshot of customer ID column

Part 2: Locate Customer in Stripe and Delete Card

1. Log into your Stripe account and navigate to the Customers area.

2. Click on the user whose credit card you would like to delete.

3. Scroll down until you see the credit card on file, and click delete.

Updated on November 16, 2023

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