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How to Create ConvertKit Webhooks

Sometimes you need to create an additional tag-initiated webhook for ConvertKit, and there’s no easy way to do that directly inside of the ConvertKit interface.

Luckily, at AccessAlly we create a little tool that lets you create any webhook you like.

Click here to go to the Webhook Creation Tool page and you’ll find more instructions on using it, too.

How to create ConvertKit Webhooks

How to Find Your Webhook URL

You may wonder how to find the correct webhook URL to add to the Webhook Creation Tool. Follow the tutorial below to locate your own URL.

Step 1: Set up in General Settings

First, make sure you’ve already set up your first webhook inside AccessAlly > General Settings:

Step 2: Access Rules inside ConvertKit

Go to your list of ConvertKit Rules, and locate the tag + URL that you configured in step 1.

Click on the rule to see what your webhook URL should be:

Please note that the webhook URL will be formatted as follows:

(Your Site URL + AccessAlly Command + Handshake string)

You can use this URL format when creating other Webhooks with the converter, and can find the full list of webhook commands here: Your Guide to HTTP Post / Webhook Commands & When To Use Them.

Updated on March 23, 2021

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