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How to Add Tags When User Completes a Quiz or Checklist in AccessAlly

Want to add tags when a member completes a quiz or a checklist? AccessAlly Pro needs an extra level of configuration to make this happen.

Step 1: Connect ProgressAlly With Your CRM

If you purchased ProgressAlly as a standalone plugin and do not have AccessAlly, please see more information about the CRM legacy settings.

Step 2: Configure Your Tagging Preferences on Each Page

After you’ve set up the integration, it’s time to go into the individual pages to determine where you’d like the tagging to take place.

Go to: Pages > All Pages and click on “edit” to open each page in the WordPress editor and scroll down to the ProgressAlly settings > Tagging to add the completion tag.

There are a few use-cases to use completion tags:

  • Send a congratulations message or certification when objectives are completed
  • Add a tag to act as a trigger tag in your CRM to start a sequence
  • Remind members who have not completed their objectives that they need to complete them. This can be delayed by a specified time period in your CRM sequence.

Note: You can tag users based on quiz results, objective completion, and social sharing.

Step 3: (Optional) Automate an Email When a Tag Has Been Applied

A last and final step is to automate a “congratulations” email in your CRM when a user receives a tag from completing a quiz or checklist in AccessAlly Pro.

Visit the Automations Guide to learn more about how to configure automations for your CRM.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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