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How to Display Badges When Members Earn Points in AccessAlly

With AccessAlly Pro, you can set up a system that allows members to achieve various badges as they earn points.

How Badges Work

Offering a points system can help encourage members to interact with your membership site contents. However, you can create additional incentive by allowing members to achieve various badges as they grow and learn in your site.

AccessAlly will track the user’s progress (through credit amount or tag info), and then display or hide a badge based on this information.

Two Setup Options: Tag or Credit Amount

Since you’ll need to “hide” the badge until it’s earned, you will use a simple conditional shortcode that knows to display the badge once a certain number of credits have been earned (or, alternatively, when a certain tag is applied to the user).

The setup for each is as follows:

Credit/Point Amount

For credit points, you would implement the credit system, then display badges once a certain value has been met with conditional shortcodes.

This version would be best when you are looking for a badge system based on accumulative progress. With this format, it’s important to make sure that a user can’t “spend” the points that contribute to the badge display. (If their points were reduced, the badge would be hidden again).

Example: if the value of the points is 100, you could set that as a conditional shortcode and surround the badge image with that shortcode.It would look something similar to this:

[accessally_field_conditional field_id=’points’ equal=’100′]badge image here

Tag-based badges

The tag option works in a similar way to the points system.

In ProgressAlly settings, you would ensure that a tag is applied to the user when a specific set of objectives have been completed.

Then, use the conditional tag shortcode to display the badge image.

That would look something like this:[accessally_has_any_tag tag_id=’1234′ comment=’1234′]badge image here
Updated on November 29, 2023

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