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Why We Recommend Using AccessAlly on a Subdomain

A sub-domain is a mini-website connected with your main website, and will have a slightly different URL. For example:

Main site: accessally.com
Subdomain: access.accessally.com

We strongly recommend that you build your AccessAlly website on a subdomain, rather than the main domain.

Why We Recommend Using AccessAlly on a Subdomain

There are a few reasons for this recommendation:

  1. Ease of management – Your main website will require an entirely different set of plugins than your AccessAlly membership site. Building the membership site on a subdomain greatly decreases the possibility of a plugin conflict, which can render your entire site ineffective.
  2. A better user experience for your members – so that they don’t get lost in the regular site navigation.
  3. Simplified SEO – Unlike your main website, your membership site pages are password protected and do not need to be optimized/indexed for Google search results, but may still affect the visibility of your content negatively if it is built on the same domain.

How To Set Up A Website on Your Subdomain

A subdomain works nearly identical to a primary domain in terms of website setup.

In the admin panel of your hosting provider, you will be able to install an SSL certificate on the subdomain, as well as install WordPress itself.

Please refer to your hosting provider’s documentation and reach out to their tech support when setting this up.

Once completed, you can access the backdoor of your website at: SUBDOMAIN.YOURWEBSITE.COM/wp-admin

Updated on August 2, 2019

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