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Vimeo Pro Bandwidth Limitations in AccessAlly

AccessAlly Pro can be used to track progress on videos hosted with Vimeo (that are embedded on your site).

However, please be aware that Vimeo only guarantees unlimited bandwidth for viewers when viewed with the Vimeo player.

When you embed a Vimeo video on your website, Vimeo retains the right to charge for excessive bandwidth for plays occurring through third-party players and applications, as well as when you monetize Vimeo-hosted videos using a third party tool (like AccessAlly).

If you have questions or run into bandwidth issues, please review the Vimeo Terms of Service and reach out to the Vimeo team directly.

If you’re worried about running into issues with the bandwidth limitations on Vimeo, you might consider the built-in Amazon S3 video player in AccessAlly.

How to Add a Vimeo Video to the Media Player

To add a Vimeo video to the media player, open the video in Vimeo and locate the unique string in the URL:

An annotated screenshot that shows where the unique URL string is for Vimeo

Next, open the Media area in ProgressAlly settings, add a new media, and select the Vimeo option. Here you will add the unique string.

Once added here, you can use the ProgressAlly shortcode adder to embed the video on a page, or continue onto something more advanced like adding video bookmarks.

Why is my Vimeo video not showing up?

Is your video set to private or unlisted?

Is your video set to unlisted?

To embed Vimeo videos marked as unlisted, you will need to add an extra “?h=xxxxxx” portion to the video ID. This represents the second part of the Vimeo URL after the slash.

Example Vimeo video link: https://vimeo.com/123456789/9ea73a6a07

Has a Vimeo video ID number of: 123456789?h=9ea73a6a07

Hash for Vimeo Videos

Is the video ID a number or link?

Double-check that you’ve added only a video ID number (or set of numbers separated by h?=) not a full link to the Vimeo video.

Video ID number

Have you added the media shortcode to the WordPress page?

After adding media in ProgressAlly you’ll add the media shortcode to the content of your WordPress page in your theme or page builder.

Adding Media Shortcode

After adding media shortcode.

Media Video on Page


Updated on April 26, 2024
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