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Offering Refresh – Reviewing Past Offerings before a Relaunch in AccessAlly

You can follow this article like a checklist of best practices for offerings that were created in the past that you’d like to make changes to before relaunching.

Offering Audit

What worked great (or not so great) during your last launch of this offering? What changes or tweaks would you like to make?

For this round:

  1. Pricing – what pricing options will you have
  2. Content – do you need to make new videos, PDFs, or other deliverables
  3. Delivery – will content be dripped to participants or available immediately
  4. Bonuses – are there bonuses you would like to add or remove
  5. Emails – using AccessAlly emails or delivering email automations from your CRM system?

Offering Review

Recommended timeline: 2 to 3 months before promotion

Go to AccessAlly > Offerings > select the offering that you would like to relaunch.

Content Tab

This tab is where you’ll spend the majority of your “AccessAlly time” prior to your relaunch.

Public pages (optional)

Are you creating a sales page to go with this offering on your AccessAlly site? Review the public pages section to add your sales page in if you have not done so already. You can add a new page or existing page to this offering.

Why this is helpful? It allows you (and members of your team) to quickly and easily find any/all sales pages that go with this offering.

Public pages image

*This step does not apply to you if you build your sales pages on a different URL than your AccessAlly site is on.

Review public page content. Review your public page(s) copy and button links is everything working and looking like you want it to prior to sending people to this page?

Additional offerings (optional)

Are there any bonus offerings that someone gets when they purchase this offering? Additional offerings can be added to this section to allow them to be released to participants upon purchase.

*This step makes it easier to deliver free bonus content!

Additional Offerings

Content Pages

This tab contains the organization/flow and the tag based release settings in your offering. *Certain features like AccessAlly offering navigation follow the order of pages set in the offering.

Quick Tip: You can reorder and even add existing pages to this offering if they were created manually in the past but go with this offering.

Content Tab

  1. Modules

    1. Are all offering modules in the correct order with the right pages inside?
    2. Are pages published (not in draft mode) including the Base Module page?
  2. Release (timer by modules)

    1. Will you be using AccessAlly to release the content in this offering via release settings and/or AccessAlly Emails – or your CRM system?
    2. Would you like to change when content is released for this relaunch?

Content Review

Open each page in the content pages tab. Review videos, text, links, checklist items, private notes. Is everything working and updated?

Course Content Review

Forms Tab

Free and Paid Access Forms

Review free and/or paid order forms. Are the links working, is the pricing correct, and are the settings in AccessAlly > Sales > Order Form Setup correct for what happens after someone buys?

Forms Tab Review

Toggles, Coupons & Discounts, Enrollment Limits, Waitlist

Review each of these items to check for anything missing, incomplete, or that need to be updated (expired enrollment limits for example.)

Toggles Promos Waitlists

Settings Tab

Check your redirect and add a link to your sales page or order form, add custom branded images for your offering icons, and review the offering menu settings.

Settings Review

Permissions Tab

Review the tags associated with this offering. Are there any missing tags? The tags in your offering are applied at various stages so giving them a quick review is an important step.

Permission Tags

Automations Tab

If you’ve integrated AccessAlly with a supported CRM system it’s time to audit all of the email automations you’ve created to go with this offering.

Automations Tab

Examples are:

  1. Delivery automations that start after a purchase or opt-in
  2. Failed payment automations for recurring subscription plans
  3. Successful payment automation

AccessAlly Emails

If you’re using AccessAlly Managed Contacts or want to keep email delivery quick and easy you can use AccessAlly Emails to send out welcome emails, payment failed emails, module releases, and more!

Go to AccessAlly > Emails to review your current email templates.

AccessAlly Emails


It’s more important that ever to test your setup. All you need to do to test your offering relaunch is make a purchase for each payment plan you offer (or sign up with your free opt-in forms) and follow the flow a real customer would take inside your offering.

See our full testing guide here.


I have a lot of tags can I delete them?

We recommend keeping all tags shown in the Permissions Tab in case you change your mind about how you’ll deliver this offering in the future.

My offering has a bonus. What's the difference between adding a bonus as an additional offering, using a release custom operation, or adding a tag to a contact?

Great question!

A bonus added as an additional offering will always be given upon signing up or purchasing the offering it is placed in.

The release custom operation is shown in an AccessAlly order form. The release allows AccessAlly to “release” the content based on the release timers in the content tab. As each release happens AccessAlly will automatically tag the contact and send an AccessAlly Module Release email (if using AccessAlly Emails.)

Adding a tag to a contact allows access (or hides access) based the tags that contact has. A contact can be tagged via AccessAlly or via an automation in a supported CRM. Tags are easy to apply or remove and are extremely flexible.

Updated on November 15, 2023

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