Offering a forum in your membership site with bbPress

bbPress Forum Add-on

* bbPress is an external plugin not developed by AccessAlly. AccessAlly does not provivide support for its functionality.

bbPress is a WordPress forum plugin. When used with AccessAlly, you can create private Forums / Topics based on users’ permission tag(s).

Important: Some clients experience “spam sign ups” to their membership site when they install bbPress. This doesn’t happen through AccessAlly, but through bbPress – and we recommend installing a “spam sign up” blocking plugin.

You can also read this article on stopping spam sign ups.

Installation and setup

To download the plugin and setup, please do that here:

bbPress Setup


Additional bbPress Add-Ons: Notify for AccessAlly

If you’d like to send emails when people post on your bbPress forum, but you want only the people who have access to certain forums to receive their email notifications… then you’ll love the paid add-on by UseStrict called “Notify“.

This is a 3rd party add-on, that respects the AccessAlly tagging permissions when sending email notifcations on forum posts. All support for this plugin is handled by the UseStrict team.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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