How to Set Up a Login Page For Your Membership Site

Every membership site needs a login page for members to enter their username and password. AccessAlly’s Onboarding Wizard walks you through each step of the setup process. Here is a deeper look at how to set up a login page for your membership site.

Wondering how your members will log out? Check out this tutorial: How to Set Up Log Out Links In Your Membership Site

Video Tutorial:

This tutorial uses Headway Themes. Please note that you can use ANY WordPress theme with AccessAlly.

Written Tutorial:

Although AccessAlly’s onboarding wizard will automatically create your login page for you,
there are some cases where you may wish to create your own manually.

You can add the login form to any page with the shortcode [accessally_login].

The parameters for the shortcode are

use_https (Optional) ‘yes’: sign in using HTTPS. Default value: ‘no’, sign in using HTTP.
show_logged_in (Optional) ‘yes’: show the login form when the user is already logged in. Default value: ‘no’.
show_not_logged_in (Optional) ‘yes’: show the login form when the user is not logged in. Default value: ‘yes’.
button_text (Optional) The text for the login button. Default value: ‘Login!’.
username_label (Optional) The label for the username input box. Default value: ‘Email’.
password_label (Optional) The label for the password input box. Default value: ‘Password’.
rememberme_label (Optional) The label for the “Remember me” checkbox. Default value: ‘ Remember Me’.

For example, a login shortcode with all the optional parameters might look like this:
[accessally_login show_logged_in="no" show_not_logged_in="yes" use_https='yes' button_text='Login Now!' username_label='Username' password_label='Password' rememberme_label=' Remember me!']

Getting a Login Error?

If the site is hosted on WPEngine (or other platforms with similar symptom), when attempting to login through the login page, it will show an “No data received” error.

This is caused by a custom login protection put in place by the host. You need to contact WPEngine support and ask them to “Disable login protection for my custom login to function properly”.

This will NOT weaken the security protection. It will just allow the custom login widget to function.

Next Steps:

Once you have your login widget on the page, you will want to double-check where those members will go once logged in. You can head into AccessAlly – General Settings  – Initial Setup – Special Pages and check your pages in there. The most common pages that members go to upon login are:

  • Dashboard page
  • My Account
Updated on July 3, 2018

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