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How to Overwrite the Affiliate Commission on a Specific Product

It is possible to increase or decrease the affiliate commission on a specific product.

The AccessAlly affiliate system is built on a tier system. All affiliates must belong to at least one tier, with a specified commission amount. However, you may wish to increase (or decrease) the amount of commission affiliates receive on one or more products. In this case, you would create a Product Overwrite inside the corresponding affiliate tier(s).

Why Create a Product-Specific Overwrite?

If you’re offering additional incentives to your affiliates to promote a particular product (or set of products), you can create a product-specific overwrite inside your affiliate tier.

For example, if your standard affiliate commission is 30%, you might increase the commission to 50% on orders placed for your “special” product.

Another common use case is eliminating the commission entirely on a product (setting the commission to “0”).

How to Create a Product-Specific Overwrite

This tutorial assumes that you’ve already set up your “regular” affiliate tier. (Tutorial here)

Step 1: Locate Product-Specific Overwrite Settings

Go to AccessAlly > Affiliate > Tier Setup. Here, click into the affiliate tier you wish to add the overwrite to, and go to the Commission tab.

Step 2: Add Product

Select the product from the dropdown in this area, then click the yellow Add Product Overwrite button.

Step 3: Change Commission Percentage

Next, click into the product you just added in the previous step. Simply change the commission percentage as needed.

Step 4: Save Changes

As always, please save your changes before exiting the screen.

Updated on October 29, 2020

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