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How to get the HTML opt in code from Drip

PopupAlly + Drip work great together! This short tutorial will walk you through how to grab the Drip form code for your website opt-in.

Then, add this code, directly into your PopupAlly settings in WordPress.

Step 1: Log Into Drip

Step 2: Go To Forms > New Opt In Form

Drip HTML opt in code

Step 3: Name The Form

Drip HTML sign up code

After naming the new form, click Create Form.

Step 4: Go To Design > Embedded

Here you’ll find the HTML code that needs to be copied & pasted into the PopupAlly settings.

Drip HTML opt in code

Step 5: Customize The Confirmation Page

If you would like to use a custom Thank You page after form submission, go to Post Signup, and add the URL of your Thank You page in the appropriate box.


Don’t forget to make the new form live in Drip in order for the HTML code to collect addresses properly!

6. Paste the code into your popup settings

Now that you’ve copied the code, paste it into your PopupAlly Pro settings under: “Style Settings” -> Sign Up HTML.

Screenshot of PopupAlly Pro settings of where to paste code

Updated on October 29, 2020

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