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How to Delete an Affiliate from an Order

Do you need to delete an affiliate commission from a recent order? It’s a simple, manual process when you’re using AccessAlly’s built-in affiliate program.

When deleting an affiliate from an order may be necessary

There are a few separate scenarios where you might need to manually delete an affiliate from an order that’s already been placed on your site:

  • If the affiliate is no longer active
  • If the affiliate obtained the order through spammy or invalid methods (as outlined in your own business’ affiliate policy.)

Tutorial: How to Delete an Affiliate From an Order

Step 1: Locate the Correct Order

Go to AccessAlly > Purchase Log.

Locate the correct order that you would like to delete the affiliate info from. Once located, click on the ID number.

Step 3: Edit the Affiliate Information

Once inside the order details, scroll down until you reach the Affiliate Information area. Click on the yellow Change Order Affiliate button.

Here, you’ll see the “old” affiliate information. Change the Affiliate type to No affiliate.

Then, click the yellow Update Order Affiliate button.

Step 4: Recalculate Order Commission

Click on the yellow Recalculate affiliate commission button. This will remove all past affiliate commission and re-calculate based on existing payments.

Step 5: Confirm Change Has Been Successful

Once the change is successful, you will see all affiliate information removed.

Updated on October 28, 2020

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