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How to Create an Ongoing Monthly Membership

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Create an ongoing monthly membership

There are many different ways that you can deliver a membership using AccessAlly. In this video walkthrough, you’ll learn how to easily add ongoing monthly content to your membership.

This tutorial will walk you through creating an “evergreen” release of content, where new members always start with the content from month one, followed by month two, etc.

Calendar with icons showing how evergreen content works

In this example, if someone joins in February they’ll get the same sequence of content as someone who joins in May.

With this set up, you can continue to add new content each month – as long as you’re staying ahead of your first group of members.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

1Overview - 0:00
2The Course Wizard Set Up - 0:20
3Create Your Product and Offer - 9:24
4Add an Order Toggle - 15:40
5Deliver The Membership in Your CRM - 19:06

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Updated on September 2, 2020

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