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[QUIZ] How to Create a Personality Quiz

With the “Personality Test” quiz, you can design a questionnaire that guides people to the right level or set of content based on how they answered. You can use this to reduce “content overwhelm” and help your students get the most out of your membership and courses.

AccessAlly Pro allows you to create dynamic personality quizzes for your website. These quizzes have multiple possible results. The multiple choice selection of the quiz-taker will determine which result they see.

Watch the video tutorial here to learn how to set up this useful quiz type:

How to Create a Personality Quiz

Step 1: Create Your Results

You first need to create the possible results for your personality quiz. You can do this by going to the page you want the personality test on, scrolling down to the ProgressAlly Page Settings area and clicking on Quiz. You then check the box to Activate Quiz & Create Your Questions. Select the quiz type of Personality Test. Then create your Outcomes under the Personality Test Outcomes section.

Personality Quiz Outcomes

Step 2: Create Your Questions

You will now create your questions and assign each answer to an outcome, and assign the weight of each question. The weight is how many points that particular question gives towards an outcome. This allows you to have specific questions that are worth more than others.

questions with outcomes selected

Step 3: Add your quiz to the page

Using the shortcode adder at the top of the page add your quiz to the page and the publish.

quiz added to page

Note: if the quiz is not defined on the current page, the corresponding objective in the objective table won’t be auto-checked off.

When a user takes the quiz their answers will determine which outcome is shown based on what was selected when creating the quiz.

quiz results

How To Save Personality Quiz Results To A Custom Field In Your CRM

If you wish, you can opt to save each user’s personality quiz result to your CRM.

Step 1: Create Custom Field(s) In Your CRM

First, you’ll want to create a custom field in your CRM. You have two options for this portion of the setup:

  1. Create a single custom field. All of the personality quiz results will store here. This may be a good option if you are choosing to email out quiz results and would like to use a single merge field to display results. This custom field needs to be a text field.
  2. Create a unique custom field for each personality quiz result, so if you have four possible outcomes, you will create four custom fields. All custom fields need to be text fields. This may be a good option for more complex setups and segmentation requirements.
Remember that you can use the custom field option alongside the tagging.

Step 2: Assign the custom fields to each personality quiz outcome

Now, make sure to go through each one of your possible outcomes and assign the necessary custom field.
assign quiz results to custom field

Step 3: Save Changes

Before exiting the page, make sure to save (or publish) the page.

Step 4: Test Setup

Finally, take the personality quiz when logged in as a user that has a CRM account. If you used option 1 (a single custom field), you only need to take the quiz once, then check the field inside your CRM to make sure that it has populated.

If you used option 2, you will need to take the quiz multiple times to achieve each different outcome. Then, check inside your CRM to ensure that all fields have been populated correctly.

Updated on May 4, 2023

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