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How to Change the Appearance Of Your Quizzes

AccessAlly Pro quizzes are fairly straightforward to set up and style. The tutorials on this page show you some additional styling/customization options for the quiz question/choices themselves.

Changing Appearance of Quiz Questions

Since the quiz question and answer area accepts HTML, you can add additional styling, images – or even embed videos – to customize quiz question appearance. HTML is allowed in both the question and answer section.

Use images in your quiz answers

To insert images, simply use HTML code:

<img src="URL of your image"/>

Changing Orientation of Question Choices

In the Quiz options, you’ll see a section titled How to display question choices. Here, you can change the orientation of how your quiz questions appear:

The two options appear as follows:

Show choices as a list

Show all choices in the same row

Updated on July 3, 2018

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