How To Create A Location Based User Directory

There are many ways to use the User Directory feature on your AccessAlly site. If you are hoping to create a location-based directory, where users are filtered according to their location, please take time to read through this tutorial to understand how to best accomplish your goals.

How to Create a User Directory With Location Filters

The AccessAlly User Directory filters are based on tags inside your CRM system. This is a simple and flexible setup, which allows you to create any type of filter you want for your directory.

Sample Scenario: Filtering Users By US State

For example, if you want to filter users by the state they live in (in the US), you will have to create 50 separate tags, one for each state. Then, you’ll create 50 separate filters that correspond to these tags.

Each user must then be tagged according to which state they live in, in order for them to appear under their proper filter.

A Note on “Limitations” With Location-Based Setup

Please be aware that there are natural limitations that come into play if you’re hoping to create a more open-ended user directory scenarios.

In the above example, to filter by US State, you must create 50 tags and corresponding filters.

However, if you’re hoping to filter by city or zip code, know that this could require you to create hundreds (if not thousands) of tags.

That’s why a more ideal way to create a location-based directory with AccessAlly is with a smaller, finite set of filtering options (like “Midwest,” “West Coast,” etc.).

While any type of tag-based filtering system is absolutely possible, we wish to draw attention to the fact that AccessAlly’s User Directory was not created for such minute location options.

If you are hoping to create a location-based user directory that includes relative filters (like “within 25 of me”), we recommend looking at third party plugins, which may be designed for those specific use cases.

Some of the more common plugins we see clients use include:

NOTE: While we encourage you to find a plugin that suits your own unique needs, know that we do NOT provide technical support for third-party plugins, and cannot guarantee that they will work with AccessAlly.

Updated on August 2, 2019

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