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How To Set Up the Filters For Your Searchable Member Directory

When you’re setting up a searchable Member directory, it is possible to designate who appears in the search. This tutorial will show you how to set up filters for your searchable member directory.

An example use case of this feature is if you wish members to be able to search the directory by location… in which case you would set up filters so that the searcher can simply check which location (State, Province, etc.) they’d like to see results for.

Step 1: Filter Criteria

This is where you get to exercise your logic skills to decide who gets to show up inside your member directory.

To begin, click on the yellow “Add New Rule” button.

Here, you first decide if you want to use an “exclude” or “include” logic for your member directory.


An example use case of the “with” logic is if you are using your member directory to showcase certain membership site users who are PAYING to appear in the directory (perhaps it is a “Realtor” directory, and you require additional payment for users to be included in this directory). In this case, you may have created and applied a “PAID_DIRECTORY” tag to anyone who is taking advantage of the directory feature… so the Logic would be:


An example use case of the “without” logic is if you allowed members to opt OUT of appearing in your member directory (perhaps it is a “looking for a job” directory, and some members do not wish to be contacted for job-related ventures). In this scenario, you may have an “OPTOUT” tag applied to those members… so the Logic would be “Without > ANY > OPTOUT”.


Please note that you can set up multiple filters to appear in a directory. If you wish users to search by location/state, you should set up a separate filter for each state.

Keep in mind that all filters are tag-based and cannot be made to automatically correspond to custom fields. If you’re using state filters, for example, you must find some way to tag all users based on the state they live in, which could be done automatically (by letting them click a custom operation button that applies the tag), or manually from inside your CRM.

Step 2: Tag-Based Sorting (Advanced)

This is an optional setting that you can use if you wish some members in your directory to appear before others (think of it as a “Featured Listing” opportunity).

Add as many sorting criteria as you like by clicking the “Add New Sorting Criteria” button, designating the tag, and then assigning a number.

For the tag, it must be a tag already created in your CRM… so perhaps you allow users to purchase a featured listing spot in your directory, and apply a certain tag when they’ve completed the purchase. Then you would use the tag in this area to specify that you’d like their profile to appear in the first few search results.

Step 3: Name Your Filter

Because the name of your filter will be visible to anyone who searches the directory, it’s important to name it something clear and descriptive. In the example below, the filters are named to correspond to the state/location tags that were applied to the users.


Public-facing directory filter names:

Once this has been configured, click on “Save Changes”, and then move on to the third step in setting up your member directory with this tutorial: How to Create A Searchable User Directory for Your Membership Site

Updated on March 14, 2019

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