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How to Allow Clients to Cancel Their Own Subscriptions

You can allow clients to cancel their own subscriptions using the AccessAlly Pro custom operations feature on your WordPress membership site.

Simply create a button (or use a webhook in your CRM) to allow users to initiate a subscription management action.

At the end of this article, you’ll find a few use cases to inspire you and help you make the most of this feature.

How to Set Up a Subscription Management Button

Step 1: Create New Custom Operation: Subscription action

In AccessAlly > Custom Operations, click on the “Add New Operation” button.

You can name the operation, then select the Subscription action option under “Choose what this operation will do”.

Step 2: Configure the Subscription Action

In the Configure the subscription action area, you’ll first want to select the subscription products that you’d like to be controlled by this custom operation.

Once the products are selected, you’ll choose the action that should be performed from the dropdown:

  • Cancel (removes access at the end of the period)
  • Revoke (immediately removes access)
  • Stop (do not remove access but stops future payments)
  • Add payment credits (skip the future payments)

Note that these options all correspond to the Subscription Management options available in the Purchase Log area.

Initiate the Subscription action in your CRM vs. a button on your site

Optionally, you can also designate another custom operation to be run once this one is initiated. (For example, you might want to run an “add a tag” operation that triggers a notification email so you know when a user has cancelled their subscription.)

Step 3: Configure front end display

In this area, you can customize how the button appears on the page:

What’s the webhook for?
The webhook is for an alternate setup, where the subscription management action takes place inside a CRM automation.

Step 4. SAVE

As always, please make sure to click on the “save changes” button before exiting the page or moving onto the next step.

Step 5. Add the button to a page

Now, you can add the new custom operation to a page using the shortcode adder and selecting the “Custom Operation” you just created.

Screenshot of the Insert Shortcode for Custom Operation

If you are using a webhook to trigger this automation, you can create the automation and run the webhook instead of adding the button to a page.

How to Use the Subscription Management Features for Your Business

Cancel (removes access at the end of the period)

Use cancel subscription custom operation to allow your members to cancel their subscriptions right inside your membership site.

This operation can help reduce the number of customer service inquiries your team handles and manually processes for cancellation requests.

Use AccessAlly Pro to win back your cancellations requests with a win-back campaign. Find out how to set this up here.

Revoke (immediately removes access)

Use the revoke access custom operation to remove access to specified courses within your membership site. This operation is useful to run as part of a cancellation request. When a member cancels, you may also want to remove access to a bonus course that you granted access to as part of your offer.

Stop (do not remove access but stops future payments)

The stop subscription custom operation should be used to cancel ALL future payments. This operation will not remove access to your membership, but no additional payments will be used.

This operation could be used to allow members to maintain access to the programs and training they have already completed with their membership, but no future trainings or materials when they want to cancel their account.

Add payment credits (skip the future payments)

This custom operation can be used to pause a subscription, while still allowing members to retain access to the programs and trainings they signed up for – payments will not accumulate or process during this time. After the specified period of time, payments will resume at the original subscription rate.

This option is great for members who may not have had the opportunity to take advantage of the content they have been paying for. By adding a specified number of credits you can skip upcoming payments for the amount of time you decide is appropriate, and resume when they have had the chance to catch up with the materials.

Updated on March 23, 2021

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