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Creating a Team through your CRM Automation

You can create a team on AccessAlly through CRM integration. When using AccessAlly’s order forms to sell your team licenses, we recommend simply designating the “create a team” function in the order form itself.

However, if you’re using a different shopping cart (other than AccessAlly) then you might want to kick-start a Team through a CRM automation, instead.

How to Initiate a New Team Creation Through Your CRM Automation

The first step is to set up your AccessAlly Team, by choosing the name and the default team size.

Create Your Automation & Apply the Team Leader Tag

The first step will be to kick-start an automation inside your CRM after a purchase for a “Teams License”.

By default, the contact that runs the “initiate team” webhook will become a Team Leader.

This tag will automatically be assigned to this contact, and you can specify the tag here in the team settings:

Team Leader Tag

Copy the Webhook to Create a Team

Then navigate to the “Webhook URL” tab in the team settings area here:

Start an AccessAlly Team

From there, you’ll want to “Copy” the URL and use it within your CRM automation campaign to trigger the creation of the team.

Please remember that some CRMs have unique webhook requirements. You can review any “extra” directions for your CRM in this tutorial: [Guide] Webhook / HTTP post Commands & When To Use Them.

Run the Webhook Inside Your CRM

You can optionally apply other tags you want to your team leader, but the most important step here is to run an HTTP Post / Webhook back to AccessAlly using the “initiate team” URL you just copied. It might look like this:

Now your team is initialized!

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to create the welcome emails for both Team Leaders and Team members.

Set Up Your Leader Automation

You can add the welcome email directly following your previous webhook, but we recommend setting it up separately so that if someone gets “upgraded” from a team member to a team leader they’ll get the correct email notification, too.

  1. Trigger: When the “Team Leader” tag is added
  2. Send Email

Include the necessary login details here in this email.

Infusionsoft/Keap - Example Campaign

Ontraport - Example Campaign

REMEMBER: Ontraport requires the ContactID to be manually added as post data in order for the webhook to function properly (screenshot in this tutorial).

ConvertKit - Example Automation

Drip - Example Workflow

Please note:

Since team members are added manually by the team leader, no further actions need to be taken on your part to ensure the team runs smoothly.

Set Up Your “Team Member” Automation

A “team member” tag that will be applied to a user as soon as they are added to the team by a leader.

You can use this tag to trigger an automation that is almost identical to the Leader automation: a quick email that welcomes the new team member and tells them how to log in.

Infusionsoft/Keap - Example Campaign

Ontraport - Example Campaign

ConvertKit - Example Automation

Drip - Example Workflow

Updated on March 23, 2021

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