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How to Cancel Recurring Subscriptions for Your Clients

When a subscription is cancelled, there are a series of actions that need to take place. (Future payments must be cancelled, access should be revoked, etc.)

Whether you’re manually cancelling a subscription (through the Admin Options) or allow your users to self-cancel, it’s important to review all steps involved and create a “subscription cancellation” CRM automation where applicable.

What Happens When a Subscription Is Cancelled?

When a subscription is cancelled, there are two actions that absolutely must take place:

  1. All future charges to the client’s credit card must be cancelled/stopped
  2. The user’s access to site material must be revoked with PAYF tags.
Fortunately, if you’ve set up your subscription properly inside AccessAlly > Products, this entire process can be automated with a single button click.

This is why we recommend that you indicate all necessary PAYF (revoke) tags to revoke access to the necessary courses in the “revoke tag(s)” area. (screenshot below). If you configure the tags here, AccessAlly can automatically revoke course access for the user at the right time.

How to Cancel A Subscription

Once it’s time to cancel the subscription, you have three options:

Option 1: Manually Cancel a Subscription via Admin Options

You can use AccessAlly’s “>Admin Options area. Please note that all of these options will automatically stop any future payments from being charged.

We cover these options in full in this tutorial, but here’s a quick recap on what tags are added (and when):

  1. REVOKE – This option will immediately add the revoke tag(s).
  2. CANCEL – This option immediately adds the STOP tag. Then, at the end of the billing period, the revoke tag(s) are added.
  3. STOP – This option immediately adds the STOP tag. However, the revoke tag(s) are NOT added.

Option 2: Manually Cancel a Subscription by Adding a Tag

If a client emails into support to request a cancellation, you can set up a CRM automation so that all you have to do is apply a tag, which then triggers an automation that takes care of the cancellation process. (The benefit of using this as opposed to using “Option 1” is simply that your support team would log into the CRM platform versus your membership site to perform the cancellation.)

In this case, the automation would run as follows:

Option 3: Allow Clients to Self-Cancel by Clicking a Button

Remember that it’s also possible to allow clients to perform these actions on their own (tutorial here). In this case, the available client actions correspond identically to the admin options listed above.

Note for ConvertKit: you’ll need to create this webhook using the Webhook creator.

Updated on September 13, 2019

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