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Team Interaction: Allowing Team Members to Contact Leaders

When you set up your Teams in AccessAlly, you can also pre-build interactions for team members to take advantage of, like adding a button allowing team members to contact leaders. This can be really helpful if team members have questions, want access to more materials, or otherwise need to report to their team leader.

How an Interaction Can Help Team Members Connect With Leaders

Each team has a default leader, who can add users to the team. Depending on your particular use case, you might find it helpful to provide the team with a preset “contact team leader” button, so that they can easily get the help they need when they need it.

1. Create New Team Interaction

Go to AccessAlly > Teams. Open up the team you’d like to add the interaction to. Under Interactions, create a new Interact with Team Leader operation.

In the example below, we created an interaction that triggers an already-created custom operation. The custom operation will add 200 credits to the user’s account.

In addition to triggering a custom operation, you can also set the team interaction to add a tag to the user’s account. This is a very open-ended option, which you might use to trigger a CRM automation, for example.

2. Create a New Custom Operation

Go to AccessAlly > Custom Operations. Create a new operation to run team interaction. Select the team and operation ID #.

With the custom operation created, use the AccessAlly shortcode adder to add the operation to the page you’d like it to appear on.

3. Test Operation

Finally, test the operation to make sure it works as you’ve envisioned:

1. Create a test team member account for this particular team.
2. Use an incognito window to log into the site as your test team member account.
3. Access the page that you placed the shortcode on and click on the button.
4. With your regular admin account, review the backend settings to make sure the operation occurred as intended.

In our example: we signed on as a team member account and clicked on the button, which was designed to give 200 credits to the team leader. With our admin account, we were able to confirm that the team leader account did receive 200 more credits.

Updated on October 8, 2020

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