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Set Up Interactions Between Team Members

Interactions are an open-ended opportunity for you to enhance the team member experience on your site. With Interactions, a team leader can initiate actions with individual team members or the group as a whole. Individual team members can also initiate actions with the team leader. These interactions are not required.

What Can You Accomplish With Interactions?

Interactions are an open-ended opportunity for you to enhance the team member experience. Some ideas to get you started include:

1. Encourage Progress

If a team leader sees a member falling behind, they can send an email with a gentle nudge.

2. Synchronize an “Official” Team Kickoff

In terms of starting emails, you might configure the setup so that the members can all join, but won’t get added to emails until a team leader officially kicks things off for them.

3. Give out bonus points for team members

If a team member has been going above and beyond, it’s nice to be able to hand out bonus points. Click here to see how.

4. Resend Welcome Information

Sometimes information just gets lost … and when it does, it might be nice to provide a way for a team leader to resend login and course info to team members.

5. Release another course

Perhaps one member of the team expresses interest in learning more about a particular subject. In this case, a team leader could release a new

6. Have them “Graduate” from a grade or membership level to another

In teacher-student scenarios, a leader might want to control the release of course material for the team students, perhaps releasing consecutive grade materials by semester, or individually after the student submits the appropriate homework.

How to Set Up Interactions

To create an interaction, go to AccessAlly > Teams. Open up one of your teams, and go to the Interactions tab. Then, click on the Add Custom Operation button.

1. Choose Type of Interaction

gif showing the three types of interactions available for the teams setup

There are three types of interactions:

  • Interact with the team leader (for this type, the steps are slightly different. Please follow the steps in this tutorial)
  • Interact with all team members
  • Interact with individual team member

2. Choose the Type of Action

screenshot from AccessAlly teams showing types of actions to perform

There are two options here:

  • Add tag to contact – this tag could be an access tag (that gives a user access to additional content), or it could be used as a trigger for a CRM automation, which sends an email, adds course access, etc.
  • Perform a custom operation – this operation could add multiple tags to a user, increase a user’s points, etc.
    Note: Visit the Custom Operations guide to set up your custom operation before adding it as a team interaction.

3. Configure Display Customization

You can configure the text prompts.

screenshot showing a team interaction that has options for display customization

Make sure to click Save before exiting the setup area.

4. Add New Interaction to Team Display

You can add them individually by choosing the “Team Interaction” followed by the interaction ID number.

Or you can add all at once by choosing the “All Team Member Interactions” option.

If you want to add a team interaction individually, note the ID number listed before the title of your interaction.
Screenshot showing ID numbers on team interactions for display settings

Go to: Display

    • Make sure Customize display using built-in elements is selected from the drop-down menu
    • Add new display item > select individual interactions or all team interactions

Screenshot showing ID numbers on team interactions for display settings

5. Review Team Page and Test

Once configured and saved, the new interaction button will automatically appear after you save your setup.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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