[SALES] Product Setup Tab in AccessAlly

This tab provides you with details about products on your site. Products are added to order forms. A product also determines if an item is available for one time or recurring payment plan.

Product Setup Tab Location

AccessAlly > Sales > Product Setup

Product Setup Tab Overview

Product Setup Details

1. + New Product button


Fun fact! When creating Offerings in AccessAlly (AccessAlly > Offerings) products are automatically created along with order forms in the Forms tab and are placed here.

If you would like to manually create a new product you can click “+ NEW PRODUCT” and follow the prompts. This section is where you can add the name, price, and determine one time or recurring payment, along with setting the product description.

Creating a Product

2. Filter Offering

Filter Products by Offering

In this section you can filter all products by the offering they are associated with. This is helpful if you have a lot of products on your site.

Product Setup Filter

3. Find a Product

Find a Product

You can use the search box to find all products by key words.

Product Setup Search

4. Product ID Number

Product ID Number

This shows the ID number assigned to this product by AccessAlly.

Product ID number

5. Product Name

Product Name

The name of the product (shown with the product number in the dropdown) this may vary from the name a customer sees on the front end order form.


  1. Amazing Course Payment Plan is shown to your customer as Amazing Course.

AccessAlly Product Name

6. Product Default Price

Product Default Price

The default price for this product. This price may vary from your order form pricing!

Product Price

7. Product Type

Product Type

This section displays if the product is a one-time or recurring payment (like monthly/yearly or a finite number of payment plans.)

Payment Type

What’s in each Product?

Product Details Tab

This section appears in for all products.

Creating a Product

Recurring Payments Tab

Shows for any product with recurring payments. This tab lets you create trial periods, set how often a payment recurs, and how many payments are made.

Recurring Payments Tab

Automations Tab

This tab shows the custom operations and tags that are used to manage this product.

Automations Tab

Hide Products

If you would like to hide a product to prevent it from showing under Product Setup you can open the product dropdown and click “Hide.” This allows you to safely clean up products shown in this tab without deleting them so they still work behind the scenes.

Hide Product

Upon refresh this product will not appear in the Product Setup tab. You can filter for “Hidden” to see this product.

View Hidden Product

If you would like to see the product again you can open the product and click the “Show” button.

Show Product

Copy Products

In most cases it is easier to create a new form in AccessAlly > Offerings > Forms which will automatically create both a new product and an order form filled with all the needed details, but…

The copy product option can be useful if you want to manually create different product options behind the scenes from the Product Setup Tab.

When copying products make sure to adjust the name, product type, and to review each tab to ensure the copy has everything needed.

Copy a Product




Updated on November 16, 2023

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