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Tracking Progress Over Modules and Lessons with ProgressAlly

Offering progress is tracked with this method using a base page with an offering objective. Module pages are tracked with objective lists on each page and the lesson content is placed into WordPress tabs.


Lesson content displayed in tabs with progress tracking over all modules in your course.

Video Module Lessons in Tabs

Tip: Tabs are created in your page builder. If you are using the AccessAlly Theme try the free Spectra plugin which gives you the option to add tabs quickly and easily.

Offering Setup

Use the drip release course offering template in AccessAlly. New to offerings? See the drip release course offering in AccessAlly 101.

Base Module Setup

On the base welcome page (first page) of your course you’ll use the Offerings Objective to track progress on all pages in your course. This page must be used, checklist added, and published to work.

This page is located in AccessAlly > Offerings > Content Tab > Content Pages Section > Base Module > Edit Brush

Content Pages Base Module Edit Brush

Scroll to ProgressAlly Page Settings > Objectives > add Offering objective.

Quick Tip

If your course has modules, but not all are counted towards progress tracking you can use the Page/Post objective type here and select each module to be included in tracking.

Offering Objectives all pages

Don’t forget to add the shortcode to your WordPress page using the AccessAlly shortcode generator.

Progress shortcode added to page

I've added this, but it doesn't appear on the page?

The offering objectives checklist only shows if the modules in your course also have progress tracking objectives AND the checklists have been added to each module page. This is covered in the next section.

Module Setup

Now it’s time to add tabs for your lessons and progress tracking to each module page of your course. You’ll repeat these steps for each module.

Module setup for progress

Add lesson tabs

Shown in Gutenberg with Spectra.

Lesson Tabs Example

Add progress objectives

This will cover anything you’d like to track for all lesson tabs! This list may be long and that’s ok.

Progress Tracking module pages

Display progress tracking

Add the progress tracking to your WordPress page using the AccessAlly shortcode generator. There are two ways to add this:

Simple module goals section

Add the entire progress checklist to the page to create a module goals section. This works great for modules with a few objectives.

Module Goals Section

When you create progress tracking like this the goals will appear below your tabs in a list.

Module goals checklist

Advanced – lesson goals section

Separate lesson goals in each lesson tab. This works great for modules with a lot of objectives.

Step 1: Use the AccessAlly Shortcode Generator to get only the first lesson objectives from the list.

Lesson objectives

Step 2: Add the shortcode with lesson objectives at the bottom of each lesson tab.

Add progress to each lesson tab

Step 3: Final view showing lesson goals.

Lesson goals front view


Updated on April 25, 2024
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