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Is AccessAlly Compatible with Articulate Storyline?

AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create and sell online courses and membership programs on your own self-hosted WordPress site. You do not need any additional tools to accomplish this.

To understand the possible relationship between AccessAlly and Articulate Storyline, please read through the documentation on this page.

Can I Create My Course Content In Articulate Storyline, If I’m Using AccessAlly?

Articulate Storyline gives you advanced capabilities for creating course content, like interactive videos, menus, and more. If these are a necessity for your online courses, you might be hoping to build out the content in Storyline, but also use AccessAlly to present and sell the content to your clients.

To add your Articulate Storyline projects into any WordPress site, whether with the AccessAlly plugin or without it, you will need to export your content and then either embed it directly using:

  • The Articulate export code, or
  • A WordPress plugin specifically designed to import things for you, no coding required

We do not offer technical support for 3rd party tools like Articulate Storyline, but know that you can embed your content into AccessAlly!

Updated on May 3, 2019

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