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Internationalization – Built-In Language Settings With AccessAlly

Currently, AccessAlly’s default text on the order forms and login widget is in English. However, it is possible to change this default language to French or Spanish to match the language needs of your site, which will automatically translate the following elements:

  • Order Form
  • Login Widget
  • Snappy Login™ email (see this tutorial for more information)

There are still some built-in shortcodes and text that won’t automatically be translated (we’re working to translate these too!) but in the meantime you can make changes using this method.

How to Change Default Language

AccessAlly’s front-facing text is linked to the language that you’ve designated in your WordPress site settings. If you’re not familiar with the settings, here’s how to change them:

Step 1: Locate Language Settings

Go to: Settings > General > Site language.

Step 2: Change Language

From the dropdown, select the appropriate language.
Currently, AccessAlly has front-end translations for:

  • English
  • Français
  • Español
Please be aware that changing the language will affect the entire back end of your site.

Step 3: Save Settings

When your language is selected, save changes before exiting this page. All front-end components of AccessAlly are automatically translated and do not require any more configuration.

Updated on May 22, 2019

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