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How To Create an Order Form To Increase Team Size

If you offer various team access levels (“Basic”, “Gold”, etc.), you might want to allow team admins to upgrade their access to the higher level.

In this case, you can create an order form that puts them on the upgraded subscription format (usually at an additional cost), AND gives them the additional access tags they need.

For other team replacement options, please see this tutorial: How to Automate Team Replacement Options


Preliminary Steps

Note: This tutorial assumes that you’ve already done the basic Team setup for each level that you wish to offer. If you haven’t, please do so now following our Guide to the Teams Feature.

Step 1. Create an “Increase Team Size” Custom Operation

Go to: AccessAlly > Custom Operations.

Here, create a new custom operation with the following settings:

  • Choose what this operation will do: Increase team size
  • Choose the team you want to increase the size for: (select the team of your choice from the dropodwn
  • Change the team size by: (insert the number of team member slots you would like to add to your already existing team)

The configuration should look as follows:

Step 2. Create Your Team Products (x2)

There are two products that you need to create:

    1. The “regular” team product, which is the one used in the initial purchase (you might have set this up already when you initially created your teams)
    2. The “Add 5 Team Members” product, which will be used to purchase the additional team slots
Most teams are set up as “subscription” products (though they don’t have to be). If your “regular” team product is a subscription, the “Add Team Member” product should also be a subscription, but at an increased price. For example:

  • “Regular” Team (10 members) = $50/month
  • “Add 5 Team Members” product (15 members total) = $75/month
Sample Product: Regular Team

Sample Product: Add 5 Team Members

Step 3. Create Your Team Increase Offer

Now, you can create a new offer that’s specific to the Team Increase functionality you wish to implement. This will be set up “normally” (i.e. by adding the product to the offer).

Please make sure to use the subscription replacement option to avoid the user being charged double.

Also, in the Automation tab, please include the custom operation you created in step 1 of this tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Permission Tags

Since this subscription REPLACES the previous one, it’s important to re-check all permission tags.

For example, the “increase team size” subscription offer MUST include all revoke/cancel access tags that were configured with the original order form. (Otherwise, you will not be able to use AccessAlly’s admin options if the user decides to cancel at a later date).

Double check that NO revoke tags are added to the user/team when they submit the order/subscription replacement. You do not want them to accidentally lose access to their content.


Now, whenever a team leader with the “BASIC 10 member” team submits this order form, the following occurs:

  1. They will now be on the upgraded/increased billing ($75/month instead of $50/month)
  2. When they complete the order, AccessAlly automatically runs the custom operation, giving their team an additional 5 spots (15 total)
  3. When the team leader accesses their admin/management page, they will see that they have more slots added.
Updated on March 23, 2021

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