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How To Add Multiple Leaders To A Team

Learn how to add multiple leaders to a team on AccessAlly. When a new client purchases a team license, they automatically become the team leader, with the ability to add (or remove) members from the team.

However, the default team leader can also select anyone on the team to have these same management privileges, so that more than one user is able to manage the team members.

Why You Might Need More Than One Team Leader

In many scenarios, the team will function perfectly with a single leader.

However, your clients may prefer that the user who purchases the team license is not solely responsible for the day-to-day admin operations required. (Example: a company asks their HR manager to purchase the team license with the company credit card, but prefers that the CEO be the one to add and remove team members as needed. In this case, the HR manager can complete the purchase, then add the CEO to the team as an admin.)

How To Add Multiple Leaders To A Team

Step 1. Enable Feature For Team

Go to: AccessAlly > Teams > Programs > Choose the team setup you want to edit > Find the Advanced tab.

Find the Grant team management privileges to team members check the box.

Screenshot from AccessAlly teams setup showing the advanced feature to enable multiple team leaders

Step 2. Configure Text and Save

1. Optionally, you can edit the text for your button, warning message, and success message.

2. Click Save to complete the setup.

Screenshot showing settings for setting up multiple team leaders

Note: Additional team leaders do count against the overall team count.

Step 3. Test

Login as your test team leader. Use the User Switching plugin to make this easier.

From your test team leader dashboard, verify that you see the option to move team members to team leaders.
Screenshot showing how to test the multiple team leaders setup through AccessAlly team features

Updated on April 15, 2021

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