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How to Add a Course Menu To Your Site

AccessAlly automatically compiles your course pages into a unique menu, ready to be added to any page inside your site.

How This Feature Works

If your theme allows multiple menus, you can utilize this feature by inserting your unique course menus into the corresponding pages of your membership site / online course area.

How to Create Your Course Menus

This tutorial video shows you where the settings are located to ensure AccessAlly automatically creates your course menus for you.

Common Menu Issues & How To Fix Them

1. Course Pages Do Not Appear In Menu

Solution 1: Pages Are Still in Draft Mode

If your course pages are not showing up in the menu area, please double check to make sure all of them have been published. Once published, they should appear.

Solution 2: Your User Does Not Have Permission To See the Pages
AccessAlly only allows users to see menu items if they have the right “permission tags” to view the content on the pages.

So if the user doesn’t have permission to access “Lesson 2” of your course, they will also not see that page appear on the menu.

To solve this issue for your admin user, make sure the All Access Mode is enabled.

2. Pages Are Out of Order in Menu

AccessAlly adds pages to the menu in the order that they’re created/published. Always double check to make sure the order is correct before adding the menu to a page.

If necessary, you can reorder menu items by dragging-and-dropping them in the right place. First go to Appearance -> Menus:

Change AccessAlly Menus

From there you can re-order and re-organize items in the menu, and hit save.

Drag and drop menu items

NOTE: Reordering the menu items has no effect on the course setup inside the course wizard.

3. Not Seeing the AccessAlly Pro/ProgressAlly Checkmark Once a Lesson or Module is Complete

If you’ve set up ProgressAlly’s objective list and someone has completed all of the items on this list, then you should automatically see a checkmark appear beside that lesson or module page in the menu.

Menu Checkmarks

If you’re not seeing that, it’s likely because the way you added the “menu” to the page through your theme is not using a “WordPress Menu” itself.

For example, your theme might be showing the menu in their own block format but unless you specify that it needs to be a WordPress Menu then ProgressAlly won’t recognize it as being a menu that needs the checkmarks added.

For instance, you might have added a list of links instead of using a WordPress menu. To check that you’re using a WordPress menu, look in Appearances->Menus and make sure that what you see matches what’s showing on the front end, too.

Change AccessAlly Menus

For Divi, if you’re trying to add two menus to one Widget Area you’ll run into issues with both WordPress menus being recognized. Instead, create two separate widget areas and add one menu to each one.

Two menus

Some additional resources:

4. Difficulty Adding Menus to Pages

YOUR WORDPRESS THEME determines whether or not menus can be added to pages. If you are having trouble, PLEASE REFER TO YOUR THEME’S DOCUMENTATION.

AccessAlly is not a theme or page builder and cannot act like one.

5. Unplublished Pages Appear In Menu

Although AccessAlly does not allow draft pages to appear in menus, the default WordPress mode DOES permit unpublished pages to appear in menus. If there is a conflict and the draft pages are appearing in your menus, you may wish to utilize a third-party plugin tool like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-drafts-in-menus/

Updated on October 30, 2020

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