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How to Add a Course Menu To Your Site

AccessAlly automatically compiles your course pages into a unique menu, ready to be added to any page inside your site.

How This Feature Works

If your theme allows multiple menus, you can utilize this feature by inserting your unique course menus into the corresponding pages of your membership site / online course area.

How to Create Your Course Menus

This tutorial video shows you where the settings are located to ensure AccessAlly automatically creates your course menus for you.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Pages not showing up in menu?

If your course pages are not showing up in the menu area, please double check to make sure all of them have been published. Once published, they should appear.

Pages Are Out of Order in Menu

AccessAlly adds pages to the menu in the order that they’re created/published. Always double check to make sure the order is correct before adding the menu to a page.

If necessary, you can reorder menu items by dragging-and-dropping them in the right place.

NOTE: Reordering the menu items has no effect on the course setup inside the course wizard.

Difficulty Adding Menus to Pages

YOUR WORDPRESS THEME determines whether or not menus can be added to pages. If you are having trouble, PLEASE REFER TO YOUR THEME’S DOCUMENTATION.

AccessAlly is not a theme or page builder and cannot act like one.

Updated on June 15, 2018

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