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How to Add a Checkbox to a PopupAlly Form


Do you need to receive explicit permission from subscribers when adding them to an email list? If so, please make sure to add a checkbox to your PopupAlly Pro opt-in forms.

Step 1: Create Your Opt In Form

Please create and design your opt-in as outlined in this tutorial.

Step 2: Add a Checkbox to Your Form

As you’re designing the appearance of your opt-in form in PopupAlly > Style Settings, select the dropdown under customization elements. Click on Checkbox with label.

Then, click the yellow Add Element button.

Step 3: Configure your Checkbox

In addition to the size and placement of your checkbox, there are three additional settings to configure:

Default Checkbox State

This will determine whether the box is checked or unchecked by default.

Required Checkbox

this will determine whether or not the user can submit the form without checking the box

Checkbox Label (HTML Code)

Here, you can add whatever text you’d like to appear next to the checkbox, along with a link, if you’re required to reveal your terms of use to new subscribers.

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Updated on June 27, 2018

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