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How To Improve WordPress Email Deliverability Using Amazon SES

You can improve your WordPress Email Deliverability Using Amazon SES. When you send an email to your users from your WordPress website, the “from” address looks like wordpress@your-domain.com.

This may lead to your emails landing in the spam filter, and because your website host is not optimized for sending emails, your members may not receive your emails or they may be delayed.

To solve these issues, we highly recommend routing your site’s emails through the Amazon SES servers, which are built for sending emails and allow you to change your “From” address, too.

When should you use Amazon SES to send emails?

Most website hosts are not optimized to send emails. This makes it extremely important to use a tool like Amazon SES to ensure reliable email deliverability.

Some premium hosts allow you to set up a connection with SendGrid, which is designed to send emails at scale.

WPEngine and Kinsta are two examples that allow you to use SendGrid for sending emails:

Install the free Fluent SMTP Plugin

These settings will improve deliverability of all AccessAlly built-in emails like welcome emails, payment failed emails, password reset emails, Snappy Login Link™ emails, and affiliate notification emails.

Screenshot of Fluent SMTP download page

Install the Fluent SMTP plugin on your WordPress membership site.

Then follow the instructions set out by Fluent SMTP to set up your Amazon SES account.

You may also use any of the other supported services by Fluent SMTP like SendGrid or Mailgun.

Updated on May 21, 2021

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