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Remove Offering Access After “x” Days in AccessAlly

When using AccessAlly Managed Contacts you can use the Module Release Timer to determine the number of days a user has access to an offering on your site. You’ll then apply a new module release tag to remove access after your desired timeline has been reached.

Example: Upon purchase of a course a member has access for 90 days. After that access is removed from the course.

Not using AccessAlly Managed Contacts? See our CRM automation articles.

Terms Used

In this article we’ll refer to the last module as the “Wrap Up Module” you can name this module anything you like.

Offering Setup

AccessAlly > Offerings

You can add this to an existing offering or create a new one. Add all modules that are a part of the offering. And set your module release timers to the desired number of days for each module release.

Offering Setup Revoke Access

Wrap Up Module Setup

Add a new module with one page to the end of your offering. Set the module release timer for the number of remaining days before access is removed.

You can tally this by adding up all release timers and adding +1 for the day of purchase to get the remaining number of days for your Wrap Up Module release timer. In the example below there is a total of 91 days in the offering.

Module Wrap Up

Review Permissions Tab

AccessAlly > Offerings > Permissions to get the name of your Wrap Up Module Tag

Review Page Permissions

AccessAlly > Offerings > Content Tab (open each page in your offering to edit)

Add the Wrap Up Module Tag to the “a visitor cannon access this page if they have any of these tags” section for all pages in the offering.

Wrap Up Page Tags

Module Release Emails

AccessAlly > Emails > Module Release

Double-check that you have module release emails going out for this offering. You can use the same template for all modules (except the Wrap Up Module!)

Amazing Course Module Release Emails

Optional – Send a Wrap Up Module Release Email

If you would like to send an email when the Wrap Module is released you can set up a custom AccessAlly Emails template to thank the person for being a part of the offering. Remember the participant is not able to see this page on your site!

Wrap Up Thank You Email




Updated on November 15, 2023
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