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How to Find the AccessAlly Shortcode Generator in Elementor

With Elementor there are two ways to bring in AccessAlly elements to your pages.

Option 1: Using Widgets in Elementor

If you have Elementor installed on your site, load the page builder and locate the AccessAlly or ProgressAlly (AccessAlly Pro users) widget.

Elementor AccessAlly Widgets

Drag and drop the widget into your page builder. Click on the edit icon to select and configure the shortcode:

Elementor Changing AccessAlly Widget

Save your changes and preview the page to ensure your shortcode is working as intended.

Option 2: Use the Shortcode Generator in the WordPress Toolbar

This option offers more advanced and robust shortcodes!

The AccessAlly shortcode generator can be found by visiting the WordPress admin dashboard on your site as shown in this example: https://members.myaccessallysite.com/wp-admin
AccessAlly Shortcode Generator

You can select both AccessAlly and ProgressAlly (AccessAlly Pro) elements from the shortcode generator. Follow the steps to create your shortcode.

Shortcode Generator

Next open the page that you’d like to add your shortcode to in the Elementor builder. You can paste the shortcode into a text or HTML block.

Elementor Shortcode with Text Widget

Preview your page to ensure that the shortcode is where you’d like it appear on the page and that it displays correctly.

You might also want to take a look at our free AccessAlly Elementor templates to help you get your site up and running faster.

Updated on June 6, 2022

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