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How to Trigger A Custom Field Operation from Inside Your CRM

If you want to add or remove credit system points through a CRM automation, say for a monthly subscription product, then you’ll want to follow along with this tutorial.

Example use case:

Each time a monthly subscription payment goes through, you want to award your users a “credit increase”. Since the credit increase is already set up inside AccessAlly, you just need to create the automation inside your CRM to make sure this will only happen after a successful payment.



This video shows you how to trigger a custom field operation inside Ontraport via an HTTP post.

Although the example is a monthly credit increase custom operation, you can trigger any custom operation from Ontraport as long as you add the HTTP post to the automation.


This tutorial shows you how to trigger a custom operation action from inside your CRM. It uses the “Release new credit each month” scenario given above.


Each custom operation action requires a separate and unique tag created inside ConvertKit (if you want to be able to trigger the custom operation from a ConvertKit automation). This tag must not be used for any other purpose, since adding it to a contact will automatically trigger the custom operation.

To set it up, follow the steps:

Step 1: Create a New Tag Inside ConvertKit

Log into your ConvertKit account, then go to Subscribers > Create a New Tag.

Choose a unique name that corresponds to the custom operation you’ll be using it exclusively with.

Step 2: Designate the new tag in your Custom Operations Settings

Inside your membership site, go to AccessAlly > Custom Operations. Here, click into the custom operation you wish to trigger inside your CRM.

In the “Want to trigger this operation from inside your CRM system?” area, select the tag you just created inside ConvertKit.

Step 3: Save

When the correct tag is designated, click save.

Each time you add this tag to a contact in a ConvertKit automation, it will automatically trigger the corresponding custom operation.


To learn how to set up the credit system, please see this tutorial: How to Create a Credit System in AccessAlly Using Custom Fields

Updated on June 1, 2018

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