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How to Integrate ProgressAlly With PopupAlly Pro

ProgressAlly now integrates with PopupAlly Pro (version 2.1.8 or higher).

You can now choose to have popups appear once an objective list is completed on a page. This will allow you to provide more aninmation and interactivity for your users.

This popup can be shown in conjunction with the existing conditional display (ProgressAlly integrated with a CRM system or AccessAlly). When this happens, a student who completes an objective list will see a new piece of content revealed on the page AND a popup.

Want to have unique popups based on their quiz results? You can now do that too! Popups can be customized based on their quiz results.

Please see this tutorial to learn how to integrate ProgressAlly with your CRM: How to Configure Tagging Automation for AccessAlly Pro’s LMS / Gamification Features

Updated on December 11, 2017

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