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How to Integrate AccessAlly with Ontraport

In this article, you’ll see how to integrate Ontraport with AccessAlly and find other useful links from Ontraport.

As one of the most advanced CRM/email marketing systems on the market, Ontraport is an incredible tool for thriving businesses that are ready to grow.

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Step 1: Connect Your WordPress Site

After logging into your new Ontraport account, go to: Administration > Memberhip > Membership Sites > + New Membership Site

GIF showing how to integration a membership site with Ontraport

This will enable you to fill in the URL and name of your WordPress membership site. (Don’t add membership levels, since the access to your site will be dictated by the tagging system alone). Click Save.

Find step-by-step instructions from Ontraport here.

Step 2: Retrieve Your API ID & Key Number

Go to: Administration > Integrations > Ontraport API Instructions and Key Manager.

GIF showing where to find Ontraport's API keys

The API ID and Key should show up on this page after you’ve purchased the plugin. Save them to use when you’re ready to connect your Ontraport account with AccessAlly.

Click on your website’s name to open the Permissions editor. Inside the Permissions editor, you can select a Contact Owner from the drop-down menu, then check off any relevant permissions.

Screenshot showing permissions for Ontraport API Keys

Step 3: Create a Custom Field for Passwords

AccessAlly needs a designated field in Ontraport to store the users’ passwords. To create this field, go to: Contacts > Settings > Field Editor

GIF of Ontraport contacts settings

Add a text field – you can name it anything you like, but make sure it’s descriptive enough to remember, like “Member Site Password,” for example. Then click Save.

Screenshot showing a custom field in Ontraport

Learn More

Ontraport has also created an easy-to-follow setup guide available here.

Once you’ve finished the initial account setup, you can begin to dive through the Getting Started (very basic) and Using Ontraport (more advanced/comprehensive) sections in the Ontraport knowledge base.

Don’t be discouraged if it seems like there’s a lot to learn – there is! But presumably, you’ve chosen this system because of its advanced capabilities. It will take time and dedication to master the system. Take advantage of the help tutorials available within the Ontraport Knowledge base – and our own tutorials that will walk you through setting up the AccessAlly/Ontraport integration.

A Note about Test Accounts

For test purposes, we recommend setting up two test accounts in Ontraport and AccessAlly:

  • One with all access (likely your admin) — this can be accomplished by creating a special “master tag” in Ontraport that you include on all of your pages and courses. As you’re developing your membership site, you don’t want to be accidentally locked out of any pages.
  • One with student access — this will allow you to see and test your courses from a student’s perspective, and can be tested in an incognito window/browser when you’re setting up your site.
Updated on October 12, 2020

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