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How to Integrate AccessAlly with Infusionsoft

Learn how to integrate AccessAlly with Infusionsoft

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Update: As of May 2020, Infusionsoft no longer allows administrators to see the passwords stored in the built-in Password field.

Screenshot of Infusionsoft password field updates

This means that a business owner may not see their membership site members’ passwords through Infusionsoft. The passwords can still be merged into an email.

If you would rather create a separate password field that is not “hidden” to Infusionsoft admin users, you can create your own custom field in Infusionsoft and assign it as your AccessAlly password field.

AccessAlly is fully compatible with Infusionsoft. As one of the most advanced CRM/email marketing systems on the market, Infusionsoft is an incredible tool for thriving businesses that are ready to grow.

Here are a few useful links and tips to keep in mind when you’re setting up your new Infusionsoft account.

Infusionsoft Setup

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.26.19 AM

The initial setup of your account is fairly straightforward. Infusionsoft offers an account setup checklist with step-by-step instructions to help you get everything set up and ready to go.

To learn how to use more advanced capabilities such as campaigns, e-commerce, contact management, etc., go to the Infusionsoft Help Center here.

The advanced capabilities of this CRM means that there’s a ton of stuff to learn – so be prepared to dedicate a few days towards learning your way around the system.

With some practice and patience, you can use the tutorials provided within Infusionsoft and our own site to master the basics of what you’ll need to create a seamless integration between Infusionsoft and AccessAlly.

A Note about Test Accounts:

For test purposes, we recommend setting up two test accounts in InfusionSoft and AccessAlly:

  • One with all access (likely your admin) — this can be accomplished by creating a special “master tag” in Drip that you include on all of your pages and courses. As you’re developing your membership site, you don’t want to be accidentally locked out of any pages.
  • One with student access — this will allow you to see and test your courses from a student’s perspective, and can be tested in an incognito window/browser when you’re setting up your site.
Updated on October 12, 2020

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