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How To Customize The Appearance of AccessAlly and ProgressAlly

1. Customize the appearance of AccessAlly

You can customize AccessAlly’s order forms, buttons, profile edit, and login widget through the backend settings.

Go to: AccessAlly > Settings >General Setup > Styling

  1. Slect Primary colors. Choose your button and accent colors. AccessAlly will do the rest by creating gradient icons, and applying your colors to each section of AccessAlly.Screenshot from AccessAlly showing what happens when you select your two colors
  2. Use the preview section to see what each area will look like with the two colors you selected.Screenshot from AccessAlly showing the preview section after you select your styling

    Save your changes.

Option 2: Choose colors for individual areas

    1. Select Custom. Go though each section and set your HEX values for each label.Screenshot showing custom styling inside AccessAlly

Since your theme controls the majority of your membership site’s appearance, this customization is perfect for most use cases.

Advacned Styling Options

If you have any appearance preferences for AccessAlly options such as the login widget, buttons, order form, etc., please note that there is a “Custom CSS” box available for you to use. Any code in this box will overwrite the plugin’s default CSS. We do not provide technical support for custom CSS.

2. Customize the appearance of ProgressAlly (for LMS and gamification features)

Customize objective numbers, progress tracking, quizzes, and buttons inside ProgressAlly.

Go to: ProgressAlly > General Settings > Styling

Here, you can select a pre-made color theme, or create your own under the Custom/Advanced mode:

Screenshot of ProgressAlly Style Settings

Updated on July 8, 2021

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