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CommunityAlly Frequently Asked Questions in AccessAlly

In this article, you will find frequently asked questions about CommunityAlly.

What does the error message CommunityAlly is deactivated mean?

CommunityAlly is deactivated.

BuddyPress Error Message

This message is shown if your site has active installations of BuddyPress and/or BuddyBoss. You will need to deactivate these plugins if you would like to use CommunityAlly.

Can I create a community without access to courses or memberships?

Ready to move your free Facebook group over to CommunityAlly? You can create a start from scratch offering with a community only – that’s not linked to any specific course or membership content!

Welcome page example – great for community guidelines.

Welcome Base Page

Offering content tab example – shows the welcome base page + community group. 

Offering content tab

Offering forms tab example. Create forms for a free or paid community!

Access Forms

Can you add a back button or something to make it easier to get around?

We’ve added a new back button that appears on all CommunityAlly tabs to make it easier to get around. To see how to change the color of the back button with CSS visit this article.

Back Arrow

Can I add a sidebar to my CommunityAlly Groups?

Update to CommunityAlly 1.0.1 to assign templates to your groups! You can review this article for more information.

For Beaver Builder theme users please visit this Knowledge Base article for an example walkthrough.

If you are not sure how to create a template in your WordPress theme here is an article that you might find helpful.


If you would like to hire someone to help you create a template for your WordPress theme here’s the link to our #hirehelp thread in our Facebook group.

*All WordPress themes (except the AccessAlly Theme) are 3rd party tools. We recommend reaching out to your theme company.

How do I make my CommunityAlly Groups mobile friendly?

Update your site to CommunityAlly 1.0.1 for mobile-friendly group cover images and group descriptions.

Can images or files be added to comments in groups?

CommunityAlly version 1.0.2 allows for images and files to be added to group feeds. Click here to see our article on this update.

Why are admin users showing up with access to a group they are not a part of?

Please update to the newest version of CommunityAlly (released October 26, 2022). This version requires all admins to have the required tag(s) to appear in CommunityAlly groups.

How do I change the default colors for CommunityAlly Groups?

Visit AccessAlly > Settings > Styling Settings

If you use the Primary Color palette option there are two colors your site uses for everything CommunityAlly and AccessAlly related. You can adjust the button color and/or the Accent color.

If you use the Custom color option you can adjust the HTML color code for the color you would like to change inside the Course Navigation section. This will change the default colors of your AccessAlly offering icons if you use the default gradient icons.

CommunityAlly Colors

Is CommunityAlly compatible with other BuddyPress add-ons?

The short answer is: it depends. Since CommunityAlly is a fork of BuddyPress, many add-on plugins will be compatible out of the box. However, in some cases the add-on might be coded in a way that it will only work with BuddyPress itself.

We’ve compiled a list of plugins that we’ve tested or that clients are successfully using with CommunityAlly here.

Updated on April 29, 2024
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