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[QUIZ] Create a Timed Quiz

Creating a timed quiz is helpful if you would like to create a quiz type that is similar to a final exam.

Quiz Timer Display

Step 1: ProgressAlly Quiz

Create a quiz inside the ProgressAlly section on a page in your site. This page should require the visitor to be logged in to view the page and/or to have certain tags to see the page.

Quiz Creation

Step 2: AccessAlly Shortcode Generator

Once the quiz is on a page you’ll use the AccessAlly Shortcode Generator to grab the code for this quiz to use in step 2 below. Do not add the quiz shortcode to your WordPress page.

Quiz Shortcode

Step 3: Countdown Timer Custom Operation

To expire the quiz we’ll use the countdown timer feature in AccessAlly.

AccessAlly > Settings > Custom Operation > +NEW OPERATION

Countdown Timer Image 1

  1. Select countdown timer
  2. Contact-specific countdown timer
  3. Select the unique custom field to hold the countdown time (or create a new custom field if needed)
  4. Add desired time to timer. This can include increments like .30 for a half-hour.
  5. Assign now as the time which will use the moment the contact views the page to start the countdown timer.

What to show before timer hits “0” is a custom coded message.

Countdown Timer 2

You can use this example and tweak it to make it work for your use case. Add the shortcode for your quiz to this section.

This quiz times out in {{countdown}}.
[progressally_quiz post_id="67"]

What to show after timer hits “0”.

Quiz Expired

If you would like you can also add HTML and conditional tagging to further customize the after message.

Quiz access expired.
Select countdown timer style.
Fancy Timer option

Final Result

The participant arrives at the quiz page and sees the countdown timer.

Quiz Timer Display

Once countdown timer hits “0” participant sees your expiration message.

Access Expired

Updated on October 30, 2023
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