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Is AccessAlly Compatible with Adobe Captivate?

AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create and sell online courses and membership programs on your own self-hosted WordPress site. You do not need any additional tools to accomplish this.

To understand the possible relationship between AccessAlly and a tool like Adobe Captivate, please read through the documentation on this page.

Can I Create My Course Content In Adobe Captivate, If I’m Using AccessAlly?

Adobe Captivate offers advanced technology for creating eLearning course content.

Adobe Captivate gives you advanced capabilities for creating course content, like interactive videos, virtual reality, voice to text, etc. If these are a necessity for your online courses, you might be hoping to build out the content in Adobe Captivate, but also using AccessAlly to present and sell the content to your clients.

To add Adobe Captivate projects into any WordPress site, whether with the AccessAlly plugin or without it, you will need to use an additional tool, such as:

  • Amazon AWS
  • A WordPress plugin specifically designed to make the Adobe Captivate exported file compatible with WordPress
To learn more about which process will be the most beneficial for your needs, you may find this thread helpful from the Adobe form: Captivate Project to WordPress or Elsewhere?

Both of these methods require you to use a third-party system. We do not offer technical support for third party systems, please reach out to their tech teams directly.

Do I Need Adobe Captivate To Make My Course Responsive?

The responsive nature of your AccessAlly courses is determined by your WordPress theme settings and layout, AND the content inside the pages (videos, checklists, etc.). Many themes are mobile-responsive, although we always recommend testing every site and page before going live.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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