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How to Change Subscription Payment Wording on Order Form

If you’re using AccessAlly order forms to take recurring or subscription payments, you can change subscription payment wording on order forms.

This article will walk you through it.

Please note – this article works only when using AccessAlly Order Forms for taking payments.

Here’s an example of the default wording used on an AccessAlly Order Form that appears in Step 2 of the ordering process.

Image of wording used on an AccessAlly Order Form

Step 1: Locate your recurring payment product.

Changing order form text applies to recurring or subscription products only as one-time payments do not use the same type of default wording.

AccessAlly > Products > Products Tab > Find the recurring product you’d like to change.

Image of recurring payment

Step 2: Checkmark customize recurring price description.

Take a few moments to review the warning text as this is an advanced feature!

Price description box image

Step 3: Add your desired wording.

Always keep the {[price]} coding and make changes to the text when customizing the pricing description. Removing the {[price]} coding means the amount you’re charging would not appear so this shortcode should always stay in place even if you’re making tweaks to the wording.

Where to change wording on an AccessAlly Product.

Step 4: Save your product.

Scroll to the top or bottom of the products section and save your changes.

Save changes button image

Step 5: Review your order form changes.

Open up the order form you’re using with this product in a new incognito window and review all of the steps of the ordering process to ensure that you’re wording tweaks reflect what you’d like to see!

Image of changes to pricing

Updated on October 30, 2020

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