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How to Add Mobile Responsive Views to Popups in PopupAlly Pro

For most of the templates in PopupAlly Pro, we offer responsive views.
You may find the responsive view settings under Style Settings, and then scroll down until you find the visual builder area.

Mobile views for Fluid Templates in PopupAlly Pro

The views are automatically created based on your original design. However, we highly recommend checking each one, since you can make edits to optimize the appearance. (Editing a responsive view will not affect any other views).

A Note on Cutoff Points

Please note that the “standard” for screen size dimension cutoff points is constantly changing based on what phones are in use in the market. (In other words: a cutoff point that may have been standard a year or two ago could need altering.)

While it’s recommended to do your research and learn the most recent best practices in design, the good news is that your responsive designs in PopupAlly will likely only need slight shifting to bring them up to date.


Fluid Templates

When using fluid templates, you can add new responsive views as needed to really fine-tune your graphics. Click on the “+” button to add a responsive view, then click on the customize popup button to edit the cutoff point (and other popup elements)

How to add a responsive view

Not using a fluid template? Please note that you will be unable to create additional responsive views.Static responsive view

Updated on April 22, 2024
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