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How To Resolve the “Some users have invalid contact ID” Warning

There is a common “error” message that can appear in the dashboard of your AccessAlly site that reads:Some users have invalid contact ID. Please update through Permission Settings.Invalid Contact ID Error Message

This is not a serious issue, and can be remedied using the steps outlined in this article.

Why This Error Message Appears

The “Invalid Contact ID” error is usually caused by contacts that exist in your membership site but do not have a corresponding contact in your CRM.

If you click on the link in the error message, you will be taken to AccessAlly > Permissions > Sync Users. The interface will look similar to this:

Sync User Information Interface

How to Resolve Contact ID Errors

In AccessAlly > Permissions > Sync Users, you will see a list of users, along with an explanation of what the issue is.

Example Issue 1:

Contact ID Could Not Be Found

In this issue the contact exists in WordPress but not in the CRM.

Example Issue 2:

Multiple Users Have the Same Contact ID

In this issue there are 2 contacts in WordPress that are both connected to the same contact in your CRM.

Admin Action Required!

At this point, you’ll have to determine what actions need to be taken to resolve the issue. If you intentionally deleted the user from the CRM system, for example, you may wish to simply click on the “Delete” button next to the user with the error. This will delete the user from your membership site entirely, so they can no longer log in and access content.

In a more complex scenario, you might have deleted the user from the CRM by accident and re-added them (in the process, the CRM would assign them a new contact ID). In this case, you could use the “Go to Profile” button to manually assign the new contact ID to the site user.

In all cases, please be cautious before deleting a user and make sure that you absolutely want to perform this action. (You can always re-create a user, but all of their site history and statistics will be lost).

When you’re done resolving each of the issues, click on the START UPDATE button.

Start Update Button

If you’ve successfully resolved the issues, you’ll see the warning sign disappear.

When to Contact AccessAlly Tech SupportIn most cases, the Invalid Contact ID errors are easily resolved with a few steps. However, if you come across dozens (or hundreds) of errors with no apparent resolution available, please reach out to support, as this can indicate a more serious issue with your site’s setup and CRM integration.

Updated on April 27, 2021

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