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Using AccessAlly with the Divi Theme (Plus Custom Templates!)

The AccessAlly plugin for WordPress gives you the framework to create an amazing membership site. The visual appearance of your membership site, however, is left up to you!

As a plugin, AccessAlly will work with any WordPress theme on the market. However, your membership site will be more effective when you use a theme with advanced flexibility. One theme that works well for this purpose is Divi, by Elegant Themes.

AccessAlly comes with a free Divi design template that you can install on your site. We recommend using Divi with the Classic Editor plugin. It sits on top of the Divi theme framework, and can be expanded and tweaked to look however you’d like. If you currently own an AccessAlly license, you can download your template here.

The first thing you’ll want to do, if you don’t yet have a license and a copy of the Divi theme is head over to Elegant Themes to purchase your license. Note: This is an affiliate link and we do earn a commission on sales, but we only recommend tools that we love and think will improve your business.

The Main Benefits of the Divi Theme + AccessAlly

The main benefit of using a theme like Divi with AccessAlly is that Divi will allow you a ton of flexibility when setting up your course, including:

In membership sites, it can be super helpful to have a variety of menus: the main menu, a login/logout menu link, and unique menus inside each of your courses.

Unlike many other WordPress themes, Divi will allow you to create and assign custom menus anywhere on your website, like in this example:

accessally and divi

Different styles possible for each page

With Divi’s page builder, you can create a different template for each page on your site. This gives you the freedom to design beautiful and unique pages for your login, dashboard, user profile, etc.

AccessAlly’s Divi templates include designs for each of these custom pages to give you a solid starting point.

Advanced customization options

Divi’s well known for letting you customize your site to the max: fonts, colors, page layouts, etc… all without requiring you to know a single line of code.

Tweaking the appearance of your website can be done quickly and easily, which will help to increase the effectiveness of your membership site.

Updated on November 8, 2019

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