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Troubleshooting Divi Continuous Loading & Breaking Shortcodes in the Visual Builder

If you’re using the Divi theme, we highly recommend using the Divi Builder instead of the Divi Visual Builder. It will become apparent why below. (We’ll happily update this page as soon as Divi resolves these issues.)

Troubleshooting Divi Visual Builder

In the latest version of Divi, there are two main issues that happen in the Visual Builder that make it difficult to edit and create your pages.

1. The first is the “spinning icon” when you first load the visual builder.

If you have any shortcodes (whether they’re AccessAlly shortcodes, Divi shortcodes, or any other plugin’s shortcodes) then you’ll see a spinning icon when you load the visual builder on a page.

This makes it difficult to edit the page, and you might wonder if things will save properly when the spinning icon is still loading.

The Workaround:

This can be resolved by clicking the “Plus” button to add a new row or module, which will automatically render the page and stop the spinning icons.

This way, you’ll be able to edit with no issues. (You don’t need to add any new modules, just clicking this icon will solve the issue.)

2. Broken Shortcodes with In-Line Editing


As of Divi 3.19.3, inline editing in the visual builder should no longer break shortcodes. However, you may find that the shortcode adder icon no longer appears in the text editing toolbar when you’re in the visual builder. If this is the case, simply use the regular Divi builder in the back end of the website page.

In the visual editor of Divi, if you do any “in line” editing, it will turn ANY shortcode into “rendered code” (and thus break the functionality). This includes built-in Divi shortcodes, like the Facebook share shortcode, for example.

This is not just AccessAlly shortcodes, this is any type of shortcode (and would affect any other membership plugin you were using if it uses shortcodes).

The good news is there is a workaround.

When you’re in the Visual Builder, instead of directly editing the text – click on the “Module Settings” button and edit the content in that block.

This view will reflect the view you might see in the Divi Builder (the non-visual one), and it will keep any shortcodes intact and working.

This will keep any shortcodes “alive”, and allow you to make edits in the visual editor without breaking your site.

Other Divi issues:

We have had reports from our clients about other complications when using the latest version of WordPress and Divi. Some of those issues are as follows:

  1. Shortcode adder is missing or is not an option (after upgrading Divi version). You will need to enable the Classic Editor option in Divi to get the shortcode options back. To do this, please go to Divi – Theme Options – Builder and to Enable Classic Editor. Please have this Enabled and save.
  2. Slow loading of blocks in backend builder. The response time to open it has been very inconsistent, and when saving changes, it has also been slow. This also has lead to data not being saved correctly if it does not fully close.
  3. Divi shortcodes not saving in the blocks and not showing on published page. This may be related to the issue above. When saving, be sure to let Divi complete the save before publishing the page.
Updated on October 29, 2020

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