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How Subscription Product Tags Work

As you set up your recurring payment (subscription) product in AccessAlly, there are several subscription product tags that must be configured. These should be designated under the Product > Automation tab. When configured properly, these tags will allow you to easily manage & automate your subscription products.

Product Tag Options & How They Work

1. Success Tag

This tag is applied when …
AccessAlly will automatically apply the tag you configure here every time a successful recurring payment is charged. (i.e. If you are setting up a monthly membership product, this tag will be applied monthly when the membership is automatically renewed.)

How to use it:
This tag should be used as a trigger for your CRM automations.

Example: If there is an automation that you would like run every month (like a monthly credit increase), you would use this tag as a trigger for that automation.

2. Failed Payment Tag

This tag is applied when …

Sometimes payments fail, it happens! Maybe a credit card expired, or it is currently maxed out. In either case, if a payment cannot be charged as usual, AccessAlly will apply the tag you designated in this area.

  1. AccessAlly will retry the payment 3 times with 1 day in between, which helps if the card was maxed out and just got paid. This won’t help if the card is expired.
  2. When the 3rd attempt fails, AccessAlly will automatically apply the Payment Failed tag.

How to use it:
Use this tag as a trigger for a “Failed Payment” automation in your CRM. (Tutorial Here.)

Advanced Tip:
In some cases, you might want to try to process the payment again before revoking access. For example, you might decide to do one try every 3 days for 21 days. This is only possible if you’re using Stripe subscriptions, because PayPal subscriptions and retries are managed entirely by PayPal itself.

You can use a webhook to force a payment retry in AccessAlly. The webhook is ?aal_chargesubscription=###&productId=###, and you can get the correct numbers to insert in the “###” spots by looking at this product’s Automation tab and seeing what numbers are used for the revoke webhook.

Grabbing the ID

You can add this webhook to your payment failed automation follow up sequence with the desired frequency to trigger a retry, using your CRM’s wait timers.

3. Revoke Tag(s)

This tag is applied when …

AccessAlly can automatically apply any tags you configure here when told to do so through either of two methods:

  1. When the HTTP Post / Webhook (listed in the automations tab) is run in a CRM automation. You may wish to add this Webhook at the end of a Failed Payment automation, for example.
  2. When you click the Revoke Subscription button in the admin area.

How to use it:

Revoke tags (properly configured) automatically negate access to any permission tags that the user has.

(In English: if you apply the “Online Course Revoke Tag” to a user, they won’t be able to access that course/page, even if they still have the permission tag).

It is recommended that you add any/all revoke tags that are needed to instantly revoke access to the corresponding pages on your site (this way you can manage everything in one place, and not have to review multiple CRM automations whenever a change is made or an error occurs).

4. Stop Tag

This tag is applied when …

AccessAlly will automatically apply the tag you configure here when told to do so via the Cancel or Stop subscription buttons in the admin area.

How to Use It:

This tag should be used as a goal / stop tag in your CRM automations, so that an existing sequence is not continued after a subscription is cancelled or stopped..

Updated on October 29, 2020

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