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How to Sell a Product With a Free Trial Period

Use AccessAlly to sell a product with a free trial period. By offering a trial period, you create unique incentives for your clients to test your products without requiring them to commit to the full price.

A free trial allows new clients to take your product for a test drive totally risk-free. All they need to do is cancel within that time frame if they wish to avoid being charged for the product.

Free and paid trials work with one-time payment products, payment plans, and membership subscriptions.

How to Set Up A Free Trial

This tutorial video shows you how to set up a free trial, followed by an automatic payment charge inside AccessAlly.

Where to add your automation tags

Please note that both the Product and the Offer areas have a tab called “automations” where you can configure tags to be added to the user IMMEDIATELY when the order is successful.

You can use these tags to trigger an automation inside your CRM that notifies you or the client that their free trial has begun.

For tags that are added IMMEDIATELY when the order is placed, use the automations tab inside the “Offer”.

For tags that are added on FUTURE payments (i.e. every recurring payment after the free trial is over), use the automations tab inside the “Product”.

Updated on October 6, 2020

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