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Marie Forleo’s B-School

Is Marie Forleo’s Bschool Right for me?

First off, kudos for knowing that you want to start a business! Even if you’re not sure exactly what that business will look like right now, most of us don’t start out with a super clear picture of what our business will be (and if we do, then things change and we end up adapting towards or away from the original idea).

Nathalie recalls asking her first business coach what type of business she should start… Kind of a funny question to ask right? As you start B-School, you are registered for a class called “Start The Right Business” which walks you through exercises designed to help you figure out exactly what kind of business would be ideal for you, your skills, and dream lifestyle.

Nathalie has had previous “Tutees” go through B-School and share that they got so much more clear on the business they wanted to start from this module, and that the idea they had going in didn’t end up being their perfect plan.

Nathalie also really feels like the only way to gain clarity in business is to start taking steps. It’s hard to figure it out if you’re just thinking about it, but when you start to put it out there and hear from happy clients and customers then you know you’re on the right path (or that you need to switch things up). 🙂

So if you are really interested and wanting to start a business, then B-School would be a great next step. Nathalie is also more than happy to brainstorm with you in our private Tutee group if you end up signing up through her, since she has experience with a number of different businesses and business models.

B-School for multi-level/ pyramid or network marketing businesses

Nathalie has helped people in previous years who were in a network marketing business model (in different areas, from beauty products to health products). Many have gone through B-School and learned a lot about building their online presence to help them grow their network marketing business, too.

Knowing how to stand out online is important in any industry, and B-School really covers the pillars of a successful online brand. From your positioning, website, list building, marketing your offers, and growing from those angles. The other benefit of learning these foundations in B-School is that you can expand to any number of businesses or offerings down the line, and that’s a nice thing to have in your back pocket as you evolve as a person and business owner.

We love that you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and we do believe that B-School would be a really helpful next step – the material is always newly updated and we’re offering really great bonuses for anyone who wants to take their businesses off the charts this year, too. 🙂

B-School bonuses from Nathalie

Here’s how it works: Nathalie is an affiliate partner and guest teacher inside of the official B-School program.

When you sign up through her link, you get the EXACT same program as everyone else – the live access to Marie, all the live trainings, all the same. You don’t pay any extra, and you’re in the official program.

The main difference is that Nathalie will get a commission, which means that she can offer ADDITIONAL bonuses to you as a thanks and to reward partners who spread the word about B-School.

So to be clear, you get EVERYTHING inside of the official, most current B-School – plus Nathalie’s fantastic bonuses. 🙂

We hope that helps and really, there’s no reason not to sign up through a partner because you may get twice the goodies and other perks for the same price.

Here’s the link to get information on B-School:


Thanks so much for wanting to sign up through Nathalie’s link!

The next step would be to email bschool@marieforleo.com and mention that you want to be under Nathalie Lussier’s affiliate link, and they’ll get you updated in their system.

Once that is confirmed, Nathalie will see you in her list and then she can get you all signed up with her group and other bonuses!

Congratualtions on furthering your business and life with B-School!

Timezones & live calls

The course is delivered via video modules that can be watch anytime, and the live calls are all recorded and you can also send your questions in ahead of time.

Marie and her team hold multiple calls each week at different times so that more people can join live and interact. The use of social media has also helped bridge the timezone gaps.

Plesae check out the bonuses that we’ve prepared to support you throughout the year during and after B-School wraps up: http://nathalielussier.com/b-school-2015-bonuses

Updated on October 20, 2017

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