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How to Give Instant Access To A Stage-Released Course

A stage-released course has multiple modules, each with its own set of permission tags. This means that you can release modules individually to create more a more dynamic experience for your users. (Common stage-release methods include a timed release, where content is released sequentially over a set period of time, and progress-based release, where users must complete certain actions before gaining access to the next module.)

However, in some cases, you might wish to give access to all modules of a stage-released course at one time. You can give instant access to a stage-released course in AccessAlly.

When To Give Instant Access to A Stage-Released Course

One of the most common scenarios for this setup is: an instant access upgrade, where a user pays additional money to unlock all course modules instantly. (Often paired with a timed-release setup.)

How to Apply Instant Access Tags To A User

You can find the CRM-specific instructions for setting up the full automation in this tutorial.

The only difference will be that, instead of applying module-specific tags, you can apply the Instant Release tag to the user, which can be found in the Course Creation Wizard:

How to Remove Instant Access Tags to A User

To revoke instant access to a user, you’ll want to:

  • Apply the “Revoke” version of the instant access tag (usually ending in PAYF, per AccessAlly’s tag naming convention).

NOTE: please be aware that this revoke tag does NOT negate module-specific permission tags. So if a user has the Instant Access tag and a Module 1 permission tag, for example, they will still retain access to Module 1 when the Instant Access Revoke tag is added.

Updated on October 19, 2020

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